Our story and motivation

Mary Seitz - dermsystem

dermsystem’s skin moisturizer formulations were conceived and developed in 2011 by its lead clinician, Mrs. Mary Seitz. Mary is a registered nurse and owns and operates her own skin care clinic in Delta, BC Canada since 2006.

With this depth of experience with clients and a devoted commitment to patient care, Mary has positively impacted an uncountable number of lives. However, one life, in particular, that of her non-verbal autistic nephew, was the reason that dermsystem was born. This autistic child, especially in the toddler years, experienced a plethora of skin problems that were unresolvable through available products and methods. Mary extensively and intensively investigated her nephew’s condition and presented her research to a pharmacologist in her network. After years of extensive clinical research and experimentation, painstaking evaluations and validations, refinement, and a commitment to her nephew to never give up, Mary created a skin care product that resolved her nephew’s skin conditions.

It is well known that the most important factor in maintaining youthful and healthy-looking skin is moisturization. The reason that the dermsystem is so successful is that it tackles two factors that impact moisturization. dermsystem’s technologically advanced formulation is revolutionary, it dramatically increases the delivery of moisture to the skin and keeps it there longer. dermsystem has succeeded where many other products have failed because of this two-pronged approach. Our clinical studies confirm that our scientifically advanced formulation has superior moisturizing properties. Patients, especially those with sensitive or reactive skin, proclaim that there is no substitution for dermsystem.  Beyond bringing relief, patients love that dermsystem’s products are hypoallergenic, with no additives or fillers. They are non-greasy, fragrance-free, dye-free, fast-absorbing and non-comedogenic.

Mary was able to alleviate the skin problems of her nephew with dermsystem. Now other patients, many of whom have suffered a lifetime of skin problems, are experiencing the positive, often life-changing, impact of dermsystem. It’s the only moisturizer you will ever need!

Our Mission

Our mission is to create high-quality skincare solutions that inspire and empower consumers to be happy and healthy inside and out and encourage users of all skin types and age groups to feel confident in their skin.

Core Values

Our Vision

To restore, and lavish skin using the best possible ingredients while revolutionizing what skin hydration really means. We want to inspire others to make their skin wellness a priority.

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