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Delta Optimist

There is a new moisturizer on the market that is making waves and receiving global attention. dermsystem’s Transforming Moisturizer was only released in December of 2020, but it’s already got a huge customer base and growing fast! Its creator, Mary Seitz, is a Tsawwassen resident and owner of Beach Grove Laser Clinic, a registered nurse with 20+ years of direct consumer exposure and experience in skin care technology and skin care products.

dermsystem’s Transforming Moisturizer was born out of lack to serve one very special customer, Mary’s nephew. Born with level 3 non-verbal autism, he suffers from ultra reactive skin and conditions. Mary was consulted to help solve his skin problems, initially failing because of the limited technology available at the time. Mary could not source a product, so she transitioned to development, to address the void in the market for a skin moisturizer for very reactive skin. After years of intensive research, iterative development, and trials, working with a chemist, Mary created a novel, unique and high-performance moisturizing cream. This is a revolutionary new product, backed by science and is technologically advanced. dermsystem’s Transforming Moisturizer is versatile, it can be used by anyone and it is especially helpful for those with sensitive skin, or in instances where nothing else works. dermsystem works! Moisturization is simplified, it is all about the product’s penetration of the skin and how it is retained where it is needed. It works so well that it may be the only moisturizer you will ever use again. Mary is continually rewarded for the amazing results achieved for her customers. “It was especially rewarding to have resolved my nephew’s skin problems”, Mary proudly says.

dermsystem’s Transforming Moisturizer contains only those elements that contribute to adding or retaining moisture in the skin, setting it apart from many of the conventional creams and lotions that often contain fillers, and ingredients that may cause irritation to the skin and possible allergic reactions. dermsystem’s Transforming Moisturizer is not tested on animals. It is proudly manufactured in Vancouver, BC.

dermsystem is on a mission to bring to the well-informed and discerning customer, a superior product that provides effective and long-lasting moisturization, visibly improves the health and appearance of the skin, contains no unnecessary ingredients, and can be used by virtually everyone.

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