Single biggest game-changing skin moisturizer

For sensitive and dry skin.

No Additives. No Fillers. Just the right chemistry. No animal testing.  A revolutionary skin nourishing formula backed by advanced science and technology. Proudly Canadian.

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skin moisturizer for dry and sensitive skin

A truly transformational skin moisturizer

Skin moisturization is the key to maintaining youthful, healthy looking skin. That is why at dermsystem we have invented a one-of-a-kind hydrating lotion that not only regulates skin lipids, but also stops the skin from becoming tight and dry.

dermsystem’s Transforming Moisturizer is a revolutionary delivery and retention skincare formulation that increases the delivery of water to the skin and retains it. This product is highly effective, bringing visible and sensual improvements to the skin with as little as one application. It brings relief, especially for those with sensitive or reactive skin, while bettering signs of aging such as uneven pigmentation, roughness, and wrinkling.

skin moisturizer-dermsystem

A highly effective skin care formula

effective skin care formula

A revolutionary, water-based, formula that revitalizes and restores, while providing lasting improvement to skins useful texture. For all skin types.

No additives. No fillers. Just the right chemistry

no additives-no fillers skin moisturizer

No additives. No fillers. No harsh chemicals. Only the best quality ingredients to infuse and nourish your skin. Proudly Canadian.

Game changer for sensitive and dry skin

sensitive and dry skin problems

Hydrate your skin like never before, and prime it for the rest of your skin care routine. #1 biggest game changer for sensitive and dry skin. The only moisturizer you will ever need.

Backed by science and technologically advanced

revolutionary skin care formula

A revolutionary, skin care formula, bringing more moisture to your skin and keeping it there longer.

Mary Seitz - dermsystem

Our story and motivation

dermsystem’s skin moisturizer formulations were conceived and developed in 2011 by its lead clinician, Mrs. Mary Seitz. Mary is a registered nurse and owns and operates her own skin care clinic in Delta, BC Canada since 2006.

With this depth of experience with clients and a devoted commitment to patient care, Mary has positively impacted an uncountable number of lives. However, one life in particular, that of her non-verbal autistic nephew, was the reason that dermsystem was born.

This autistic child, especially in the toddler years, experienced a plethora of skin problems that were unresolvable through available products and methods. Mary extensively and intensively investigated her nephew’s condition and presented her research to a pharmacologist in her network.

After years of extensive clinical research and experimentation, painstaking evaluations and validations, refinement, and a commitment to her nephew to never give up, Mary created a skin care product that resolved her nephew’s skin conditions.

For dermatology centres, drugstores, beauty salons, and distributors...

We care about our skin, and we know you do too.

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We have been successful in researching, analyzing and evaluating a new and innovative skincare product that we are distributing to clients across Canada.

If your dermatology centre or beauty salon is in need of a moisturizer that brings relief, especially to those with sensitive or reactive skin we need to partner up with you!  We are already offering our clients products with real benefits, you should be too!

Our mission is to create high-quality skincare solutions that inspire and empower consumers to be happy and healthy inside and out and encourage users of all skin types and age groups to feel confident in their skin. 

If this aligns with your company’s values, let’s work together. Please contact us!

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